Erth's *Spicy* Vegan Lip Gloss Collection is Here!! November 18 2012

After many requests, Erth's HOT new lip glosses are here- our Spicy Gloss Collection.

These three new vegan glosses are deeper, ultra-pigmented, glossy, and Spicy!

Our new colors are Cayenne, a fabulous red gloss with red/blue undertones, Paprika, our red-hot gloss with slight red/orange undertones & lots of gloss & sparkle, & Pepperberry- our Peony on steroids! These glosses are full-coverage & extra nourishing with avocado & coconut oils. 

Vegan Lip Gloss

Ingredients: ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Kernel Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (and) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Sweet Orange Oil, & Stevia Extract.

Erth's Fall "Free Shadow" Sale!! November 12 2012

Now through November 25th, we are giving away a free Amber eyeshadow with any order over $35.00 USD!! This great & sparkly color is fantastic for creating dramatic eyes & the new "smokey brown" look talked about in fall fashion mags! Enter code: Thanks186 after entering payment details to take advantage of this fabulous offer!

Synthetic Makeup Brushes October 29 2012

Hi & happy fall from Erth!

As a cosmetics company considered "cruelty free", Erth has recently made the decision to make the switch to synthetic makeup brushes. We truly believe that the quality is the same, if not better, than that of our previous brushes made with animal hair. And although we'd been assured that our previous makeup brush bristles were harvested giving the animals "hair cuts" rather than actually harming the animals involved, we just feel better knowing animals have no part in the brush-making process.

Our new synthetic brushes are ultra-soft, and incredibly easy to clean. They disperse our mineral makeup powders wonderfully!

Check them out at: 

V. Blanchette

Recent Erth Minerals Reviews November 12 2011

We've had a lot of interest recently from bloggers wanting to review our products. And of course, we're thrilled! Here are a few recent blog reviews of Erth:



Affiliates Wanted. September 20 2011

Erth Minerals is looking for great affiliates who are facebookers & bloggers to help spread the word about our products! If you are interested in earning 15% of any referral sales, deposited directly into you PayPal account monthly, click on the link below & get signed up! Signing up is free:)


Cleaning Out Your Makeup Drawer May 21 2011

The New Year is the perfect time to clean out your makeup drawer. Applying & choosing makeup is much easier when outdated or unused makeup has been purged from your drawer.

Here are some easy to follow guidelines to help you accomplish this task!

1) to begin, empty your entire makeup drawer or bag
2) get rid of anything that is leaking or broken
3) toss out anything that you haven't used in over two years as there is only a small likelihood that you will use it again
4) look at your foundation collection- you should only need two at most. Do lower cheek swipes to determine which are worth saving.
5) now look at your lipsticks & try to be very realistic about which ones you will wear again. Try on shades that are questionable & throw away any that are not perfect. There are enough lipstick shades out there that you don't need to own any second bests.
6) clean up any makeup cases & bottles that you have decided to keep. Alcohol or witch hazel on a clean swab works wonders.

Makeup Expiration Dates May 21 2011

Below you will find a good rule of thumb for makeup expiration dates. Remember, however, that mineral makeup keeps it's integrity for about double the time of liquid or other powdered makeups.

Foundation - 12-16 months (mineral foundation- 24-36 months)
Powder- 18-24 months
Mascara - 4-6 months
Concealer - about 12 months (mineral concealer- 24-36 mos.)
Lipstick - 12-16 months
Eye Shadow - about one year (mineral eyeshadow- 24-36 months)

Natural Mineral Mascara May 21 2011

Introducing our new all-natural & organic mineral mascara! After many requests to find the perfect natural macara & unable to find one out there that both performed well, was affordable, & was all-natural, we decided to create one ourselves!!

Our new mineral mascara has no tar, no synthetic fibers, & no parabens. We use only all-natural, vegetable based emulsifiers & pigments.

Now available in Ebony (black) & soon to be available in brown/black. Offered at just $15.50!

The FDA's Voluntary Cosmetic Registration May 21 2011

To further show our committment to & respect for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Erth Minerals has recently submitted all of our formulas to both the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database ( ) & to the FDA's Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program ( ) .

If you have any questions as to where to find us in either of these databases, please feel free to call or email us.

More on Nano-Particles in Mineral Makeup May 12 2011

At Erth, offering healthy mineral cosmetics to consumers at an affordable price is our number one priority.

One of the questions we are often asked is, "Do you use any nano-particles" in your mineral makeup. The answer is a definitive "no."

First, let's start with this question: What is a nano-particle? Answer, courtesy of National Geographic's The Green Guide: "Mineral particles that have been fragmented to sizes below 100 nanometers; they are often used in sunscreens and mineral makeup products because they are less visible when applied to the skin." (

At Erth, the smallest particle size we use is .31 of one micron, which is about 3 times the size of a nano-particle & is therefore too large to be absorbed easily into the skin & to cross the blood-brain barrier & thereby, inert. Additionally, some sources do feel that the real concern in mineral makeup should focus on whether or not a company uses titanium dioxide nano-paricles.

Dr. Weil, a well-known figure in all things natural, says the following about mineral makeup's use of nanoparticles: "Some studies have indicated that when exposed to light, titanium dioxide nanoparticles may prompt formation of free radicals that could damage cells, and others have suggested that the tiny particles of this mineral can enter the brain and cause oxidative stress (most particles are too big to penetrate the blood--brain barrier)." (cited from:

Our titanium dioxide particle size is between 1.0-1.7 microns in size. MUCH larger than a nano-particle.

I hope this information proves helpful!

V. Blanchette
Erth Minerals