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Easy Mineral Makeup Matching

With our new Erthperfect® color matching system, it's easier than ever to find the perfect Erth foundation color for your unique skin color & tone. And free mineral foundation samples with any $25 purchase give you an additional tool to guarantee an Erthperfect® match!


Erth Minerals is available to both wholesale and retail customers. We offer a wide range of mineral makeup, including mineral foundation, mineral eyeshadow, concealers, mineral blusher & bronzer. Our mineral cosmetics are 100% pure mineral & lip glosses natural & vegan. We are always striving to offer the most natural makeup options with the highest quality. 

Wisconsin - Green Bay - Illinois - California - Massachusetts - North Carolina - Pennsylvania - Virginia - Ukraine - Sweden - Australia - Norway - United Kingdom

Contact Us at: erthminerals@live.com

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