Mineral Eyeshadow Guide

Eyeshadow adds a touch of flair & color to any face! Below find information on what Erth Mineral eyeshadow colors we'd suggest for your eye color & eyeshadow application instructions to help you apply just right for just the effect you are looking for. Our new Shadowlast Eye Primer helps increase both staying power & intensity of any mineral eyeshadow.

While the general rule is to base eyeshadow color selection on eye color, we feel that skin color should also be taken into consideration. Other expert recommendations:

* do not match eye color with shadows exactly, but to use a slightly contrasting shade.

* remember that darker shades tend to make eyes look smaller, while lighter shades tend to make them stand out more.

* purchase colors that blend well together in order to give you maximum versatility with those colors you choose.

Mineral Eyeshadow Chart


Creams, taupes, pinks, greys, browns, violets, lavenders, deep blues

Silt, Earth, Rose, Poppy, Carbon, Truffle, Night, Midnight, Stone, Twilight, Smoke, Vines


Greys & grey-greens, plums, pinks, golds, oranges

Sun, Carbon, Copper, Iris, Fire, Poppy, Maduro, Cocoa, Mocha, Nectar, Electrum, Silt


Brown, apricot, purples, plums, khaki & forest greens

Earth, Caddis, Iris, Deep Purple, Forest, Olives, Nectar, Vines, Truffle

How To Apply Mineral Eyeshadows & Eyeliners

Eye makeup, in general, is designed to make your eyes stand out. It is easy, however, for eye makeup to go very wrong. The guide above can help you choose colors that will not compete with your eye color & will enhance your eyes. Concentrate on getting your eyes noticed- not your eye makeup!

Shadow Base
When choosing a eyeshadow base, it is best to choose a color that is close to your natural lid color or at the very least, one that will blend easily with your lid color. Hint: Erth's Silt, Stone, & Truffle Eyeshadows are a good choice for most women. Avoid base colors with any pink or red tones as these can make you look tired . Use a fat eyeshadow brush to apply so that you get a very natural, even coverage across your entire lid.

Lid Color
For your main lid color, use the above chart to help you choose an appropriate color. Using a brush similar to our firm shadow brush, apply color on lid up to the crease & blend. If blending is difficult, you've probably chosen a color that is too dark.

Eye Contour
Contouring the eye is especially important for those who have either small or deep-set eyes or droopy lids.