Mineral Foundation Guide

Choosing the right foundation can be difficult, especially when ordering over the internet.

Please use our guide below to help you make the right choice!

Mineral Foundation Guide

Fair Skin
Though you may be tempted to use a foundation shade darker than your natural skin tone, don't!! Instead, choose a mineral makeup with slight yellow undertones in order to give yourself a nice warmth. Avoid using anything with strong pink undertones so that your skin does not appear ruddy. Choose shades 1.0-2.3 or 3.0 of Erth Foundation, depending upon undertones.

Medium Skin

This complexion type is best suited by using a yellow-toned foundation. Avoid using anything with a very strong orangy base.
Choose shades 2.5-4.0.

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Olive Skin

For those blessed with an olive skin tone, you are best served by using a warm-toned, yellowish mineral foundation color. Avoid anything pink or orange based. Choose Erth shades 5.6 or 6.1.

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Tan-Dark Skin

For medium to dark skin, red or yellow undertoned foundations are best. For lighter skin, gold tones are best. Also for darker skins, avoid using a mineral foundation with a lot of titanium dioxide in it, as this can make your skin appear ashy. Choose Erth foundation shades 4.35 - 6.1.

See our free samples with purchase page to order your choice of two free mineral makeup samples with any order over $25.