Skin Tones

Color Choices for Different Skin Tones

There are two major factors to take into consideration when choosing a foundation that is right for your skin. The first is the level (lightness or darkness) of  your skin. There are generally considered to be about 15 levels of skin tone. Matching makeup to skin tone can be challenging to say the least. Here you will find useful information to help you make your choice!

The first factor: Determine the level of your skintone. 

Fair Skin- don't be tempted to go with a color darker than your normal skin tone. In order to warm up your skin, use a foundation with golden or yellow undertones. If you want to look like you've spent a little time in the sun, add a bit of blush or a sheer bronzer.

Light or Asian Skin- For Asian skin in particular, your best bet is to use a yellow-based foundation as pinks can make you look washed out.

Medium or OliveToned Skin- Going too light may give you a washed-out look, so stay with a foundation that matches your skin closely. Avoid anything with an orange base. Those blessed with olive skin are best to choose a foundation with warm undertones, but one that is not too dark.

Dark/Deep Skin- Generally you will be looking for a foundation that has red &/or yellow undertones. Avoid foundations with titanium dioxide, as they can make your skin look ashy or ruddy. For women of color, it is important to match your skin's undertones exactly. African American women's skin tones can range from gold to orange to true brown. It is also more desirable to brighten (not lighten) ebony skin by using intense golden-orange tones.

The second factor: Consider the undertone of your skin. Most women have warm undertones to their skin. Even if you naturally have cooler undertones, once exposed to a minimal amount of sun, you become warm. This being said, most women should choose a mineral foundation with yellow or golden undertones.

Helpful hint #1: Doing a stripe test to match foundation can be particularly useful. Apply different shades from the jaw to the neck & match the color that best matches the transition between. Remember to wait a few minutes before making your decision as natural skin oils can change the color pigments. 
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