Application/Matching Tips

Handy little helpers.

All Erth Minerals makeup is designed with easy application and natural wear in mind. Still, we get that it’s a little tricky choosing colors online. Or, maybe you’re new to mineral makeup entirely and are wondering where to start. Choose from any of the tips or guides below.


Mineral Makeup Basics

If you’re a mineral makeup newbie, just remember the three L’s:
Later: Always wait until your moisturizer has been fully absorbed before applying mineral makeup.
Little: A tiny amount of mineral makeup goes a long way – start small.
Layer: Apply the mineral makeup in sheer layers until you reach your desired coverage.

    Twirl, Tap, Brush Foundation Technique

    Creating an even, luminous look is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
    1. Twirl a small amount of minerals into the lid with either our highlighting brush (for lighter coverage) or our deluxe synthetic kabuki brush (for additional coverage) until the product is tucked into the bristles.
    2. Tap off any excess. There should be no visible product on the outside of the brush.
    3. Brush onto the skin in a swirling, circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbones. Buff around the remainder of your face, working your way toward the cheeks, forehead and nose. Add additional sheer layers until you’re happy with the coverage.

    Color Matching

    Perfect Pink Blusher Guide

    As a general rule, you’ll want to match your blusher to the color your cheeks turn after you give them a quick pinch. It’s okay to go one or two shades darker, too, for a more dramatic pop of color.
    Light skin? Look for blushers with soft pink undertones, like Petal or Primrose
    Rosy skin? Try Peaches during the day for a soft glow, and Posey or Aster come night for deeper pigment with added shimmer. Shy away from bronze or brown-toned shades, as they can make warm complexions appear ruddy.
    Tan skin? Petal or Primrose will be your daily go-tos. For a more dramatic look at night, try Posey or Aster.
    Olive skin? Choose a blusher with deep warm undertones, like Guava or Posey, or go for a vibrant contrast with Plums.
    Bronze or Ebony skin? Shine by day in Plums, and dazzle by night in Guava or Zinnia.

      Flawless Finish Concealer Guide

      Undereye coverage: Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. If more coverage is needed, opt for a concealer with more yellow tones.
      General face coverage: You can try concealers that are either a perfect match to your skin tone or one shade lighter. Never go darker, even if you are a liberal bronzer user.
      Yellows: Are the best color choice for most women as they counteract many skin imperfections including mild acne and rosacea. Yellows also work well for blue/grey/deep purple undereye circles. 
      Try Wheat or Fix.
                          Greens/Mints: Are great for balancing out severe red blemishes and blotches. 
      Peaches/Pinks: Are just the thing for light to medium skin tones with pink undertones. Peach shades also work great for canceling out purple undereye shade on light skin tones. 
      Try Canvas or Sand.


      Eye Shine Shadow + Liner Guide

      Never match your shadow to your eye color. Opt for shades that contrast your eyes to call attention to them.
      Blue Eyes:
      go with: creams, taupes, pinks, greys, browns, violets, lavendars, dark blues
      Brown Eyes:
      go with: greys, grey-greens, plums, pinks, golds and oranges
      Green Eyes:
      go with: browns, apricots, purples, plums, khakis and forest greens
      Great Base Colors:
      shop: Silt, Stone, Truffle