Erth Mineral Blushers

Erth Mineral blushers are made of pure, crushed mica and iron oxides. Erth blushers add color and sparkle to all shades of skin. Very little is needed in order to achieve results. And the best part? This blusher/all-over-face color is 100% pure minerals, just like all of our mineral makeup! Our wonderful mineral makeup blushers also make great all-over-face colors. Our gorgeous selection of colors is sure to complement any skin tone. Mineral blushers can be applied lightly, all over the face, to give a general glow, just to cheek bones and apples, or to areas normally hit by the sun- the tip of nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks with our mineral highlighting brush. Net weight: 4 gram each- full size.

For help choosing the correct shade of blush for your skin tone, see our blusher information page. Or try our mineral blusher sample kit with all five lovely shades in a stackable 5-piece container!