Erth Mineral Foundation


Erth Mineral foundation comes in 15 shades, so there is a color to match virtually any skin tone. Our mineral foundations are semi-matte, though they can be coupled with an all-over-face color or bronzer if more sheen is desired. Erth foundation provides excellent coverage and are perfect for all skin types, including skin affected by acne or rosacea.

To obtain the desired result, apply little and in layers following the twirl, tap, brush technique. Apply a little at first, adding layers for increased coverage.

Each Erth mineral foundation contains 9 grams of our all-natural mineral foundation in a 30 gram sifter jar. These great matte mineral foundations also double as concealers! Our foundations contain enough titanium dioxide to provide sun protection without the chemical additives other brands contain. 

With a minimum purchase, take advantage of 2 free mineral makeup samples in order to help you better choose the right shade- your Erthperfect match!

Our mineral foundation contain the following: mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, & iron oxides & MAY contain chromium oxides &/or ultramarines. And, NO BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE, TALC, OR NANO-PARTICLES.

Mineral makeup foundation that is natural, vegan, organic, & bismuth oxychloride free!